We are getting information that some high ranking health worker at the facility in Lagos set to combat the spread of the CONVID-19 (coronavirus) is not the proclaimed condition to handle the spread.

Reports claims the said patient (the Italian man) attempted to run away because of the poor condition of the facility.

Some sources from the Patient Department of the Mainland Hospital, Yaba, alleged that Lagos State did not have the facility to accommodate individuals who might have come in contact with the Italian.

Although the Deputy Governor claims the facility is well contrary to the poor condition report. Hamzat had said, “It is a lab that can accommodate 100 for now, but it is only one bed that is occupied today. Hopefully, it wouldn’t spread. We are ready and we are well equipped. He (the patient) is there and he is getting better. He is steady. The doctors say he is going to be fine.’’

If the earlier reports of the poor facilities are true it shows the ever presence propaganda in our political system, it is however quite sad that health matters like the corona virus is not taking serious, be this time adequate facilities should have been put in place in preparations the convid-1. I guess that’s why we pray a lot in this part of the country. May God help us

Who dey lie and who dey talk true only time go tell.

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