Samuel Eto and other African players slams professors over disparaging remarks

The football great has hit back at the scholars following their uncomplimentary remarks about Africa as the world seeks a solution against the virus
Samuel Eto’o has lashed out at two professors in the wake of their disapproving comments about Africa as the world continues to battle Covid-19.

As it stands, there are no drugs that can prevent the pandemic, but scientists have identified the BCG vaccine – used against tuberculosis as a panacea to curtail the illness that has killed so many people across the globe.

During a programme on French television station LCI, however, professor Jean-Paul Mira, head of the intensive care unit at Cochin hospital (Paris), and Professor Camille Locht, research director at Inserm suggested the effectiveness of the vaccine should be tested first in Africa.

This triggered the anger of the four-time African Player of the Year.

“Africa is not your playing ground,” wrote Eto’o on the offensive video he shared on Instagram.

Ex-Senegal international Demba Ba also took to social media to express his outrage at the professors’ words.

“Welcome to the West, where white people believe themselves to be so superior that racism and debility become commonplace. Time to rise,” Ba tweeted.

Former France and Inter Milan midfielder Olivier Dacourt also tweeted his disapproval on Twitter.

“Are they really serious there?” he queried.

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