Premier League players stand firm on Refusing Pay cut

The Premier League’s players remain adamant they will not be forced into taking pay cuts by their clubs following fresh talks this week.

But they are willing to discuss deferrals on the condition that they are guaranteed to get their money back.
Top-flight players are in no mood to back down and accept salary reductions due to coronavirus leaving their clubs facing frustration.
Following Saturday’s meeting to discuss the league’s 30 per cent wage cut proposal which ended in stalemate, conversations have continued among players to finalise their stance on the issue.

A further video conference involving all Premier League’s 20 captains, with Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson again at the forefront, and each club’s PFA representative has taken place this week along with calls involving smaller groups of players.

And collectively they insist that no player should accept any request from their club to take home a lower salary.

While top-flight chiefs were keen to bring in a league-wide proposal, there is a growing belief that a better approach might be for each club to handle their own situations.

As reported by Sportsmail on Monday, some lesser-paid players are reluctant to agree to wage reductions as any drop will hit them harder than the higher-paid stars at bigger clubs.

There have also been concerns raised at clubs with relegation fears about their players suffering a reduction now and then another one if they fall into the Championship due to relegation wage drop clauses in their contracts.

The PFA have questioned whether clubs genuinely need to make any cuts, with chief executive Gordon Taylor confident clubs have the money to pay their staff for the rest of the season.

The row about players’ taking pay cuts came into the spotlight when Health Secretary Matt Hancock demanded that Premier League stars ‘play their part’ in the fight against coronavirus.

He said: ‘I think that everybody needs to play their part in this national effort and that means Premier League footballers too.

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