Meet Egho Praise our Personality of the week

Our Personality of the week Egho Praise Etin-osa is a young Vibrant microbiologist turn photographer she is big bold and beautiful, happy lady.

So we did I quick chat up to get to know more about her

Tell us about yourself
My name is Egho Praise Etin-osa and I’m 21 years old. I’m the fourth or 5 children. I’m a 400lvl microbiology student of Ambrose Alli university. I’m a poet and a photographer
I’m from Edo state but I spent most of my life in Lagos

We hope we can feature some of your poems soon.

Facebook page

A part of me has always loved photography… But I didn’t believe in myself enough to pursue it until recently about 11 months ago..I became so drawn to nature…she literary called me😁.
I’d spend hours staring and observing the beauty of nature! The cool breeze welcomed with blissful drops of rain..I could hear the birds singing with rhythm and peace…and how the clouds moved gracefully and swiftly was just simply amazing!
Then I realized I couldn’t fight it anymore..I had to capture these moments and show it to the world…it might just brighten someone’s day
I had the support of my friends especially Omodiagbe wisdom #preezywize
My sisters also believed in I just went for it

How do you combine Study with photography?
Nature photography and lifestyle doesn’t consume total time… I attend classes and never skip a class. I am the secretary general or NAMS AAU chapter and you know what that mean!
I devote most of my time to my studies and thereafter go out to explore nature… Most of my shots where taken in school after classes and edited thereafter
A big shout out to @sxriptx for the online coaching on how to edit my work!

Choice of course of study and why!*
I study Microbiology.
The question shouldn’t be why but why not!
Man is nothing without microorganisms… They can both be beneficial and harmful.. I choose microbiology because I want to save lives just like the microbiologist(virologist) fighting this #covid19. We wish great success in that

I love creativity generally
I love to listen to music
I love surfing the internet… I spend alot of time online trying to improve my photography
I love traveling

Turn off
I dislike the fact that there a lot of creative minds out there that can never be heard of
I dislike lying
In a relationship- yes

Best food
I don’t really have a best food..I’m an all rounder 😁
I’d pick junks over food any day

On aspirations
I’d love to be one of the most famous female nature photographer
I’d travel round the world and take breathtaking nature shots and leave the world in awe
I’d love to me a role model to other nature photographers

I don’t fall under these categories
I am an introverted extrovert 😁….I can be both…but I love my alone time it helps me think of ways to improve and beat my best.
I can be at home all today writing poems…I do enjoy going out to explore and snap new nature shots

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