Man rejected by Lagos hospital over COVID-19 fear dies

A man , identified simply as Joel, has lost his life after he was allegedly refused treatment by the Isolo General Hospital in Lagos State over fear of being a COVID -19 patient .
It was gathered that Joel slumped on Sunday while playing football and was rushed to the hospital, but he was allegedly refused treatment on the fear that he might be a COVID – 19 patient .
A family friend of the victim , identified simply as Amaka , who narrated the incident on Twitter , alleged that the nurses on duty claimed that they were busy and refused to attend to Joel.
She tweeted , “The medical system failed my family friend today and I ’ll never get over it . He was said to be playing football in the field this morning and slumped and stopped breathing , he was immediately rushed to the Isolo general hospital in other to get attended to fast , getting there , they refused to let him in because they said they don ’ t know if he has Coronavirus!
“His family members kept begging and begging because time was running and he wasn ’t getting any better, he was still not breathing … The nurses still insisted on not attending to him , because according to them , they have their plates full . They had to return him to the car and resulted in prayers .
“In tears , his elder sister still went back in and requested to see any doctor on duty , after so much argument a doctor came out , heard the whole story from the nurses on duty and without taking a look at him in the car or bringing him in to check him out , the doctor then certified him dead and asked them to transfer him to the mortuary . His mother collapsed on the spot… This life is so unfair .
“Bro Joel like I will always call him , you will forever be missed , I have known you to be the calmest and humble person ever since I was a toddler, it was so unfair for you to pass on just like this , but God knows best . Keep sleeping on till we meet again .”
When contacted, the Chief Medical Director of the hospital , Dr Godwin Akhaboa , who stated that the facility was not in the habit of rejecting patients , said the victim was brought in dead .
“There are parameters to look at before certifying a patient dead and no doctor will say a patient is dead without checking those parameters . It’ s never done ; no nurse or doctor will do that . The patient had a cardiac arrest on a football field and he was brought in dead ,” Akhaboa said .

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