COVID-19: Lagos govt reviews BRT occupancy to 42 passengers

Lagos State Government has given approval to Primero Transport Services Limited, operator of the high capacity Bus Rapid Transit, BRT, to carry 42 passengers seated with no standing as against earlier directive aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in the state.
The approval followed a review of its earlier order which limited commuter occupancy to 21 passengers but still ensures that occupancy is not more than 60 per cent of bus passenger capacity. The review takes effect from Friday, May 29, 2020.
Managing Director of Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority, LAMATA, regulator of BRT, Mrs. Abimbola Akinajo on Thursday, said government also approved two fare zones for BRT services. Bus services between Ikorodu and Fadeyi will attract a fare of N300 and trips beyond Fadeyi will attract N500.
She explained that the decision to establish the fare zones was taken following extensive consultation with stakeholders, majority of whom are those who use regulated bus services daily.
She stated that operators must ensure that passengers wear face mask at all times, sanitise their hands with alcohol-based sanitizer or wash with soap under running water before and after each trip.
Besides, Akinajo said passengers’ temperature must be measured before being allowed entry into the buses.
Operators would be expected to disinfect their vehicles, and depots regularly and continuously.
She said operators must ensure bus terminals and bus stops are not overcrowded with passengers and commercial activities, at any point in time, in line with the social distancing protocol for passengers queuing to board buses.
Operators and their staff are mandated to always wear personal protective equipment while in transit and dispose non-reusable ones appropriately.
According to Akinajo, passengers should report any erring operator that failed to comply with the guidelines to the monitoring officer at sight or call LAMATA on 09099-LAMATA (09099-526282) or write stating the vehicle registration number, its unique code, time of incident and location.
She, however, urged residents to also call 08000CORONA to report any suspected case of COVID-19.
Recall that Primero transport services has suspended further operation of BRT from the road on the pretext of running at a loss with 60 per cent seated occupancy directive by the government in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic in the state.

Source vanguardngr

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