Brazil COVID-19 death toll hits 27,878

Brazil on Friday reached 27 ,878 coronavirus deaths, official figures showed , surpassing the toll of hard -hit Spain and making it the country with the fifth -highest number of fatalities .
The epicenter of the South American coronavirus outbreak , Brazil saw 1 ,124 deaths in 24 hours , the Ministry of Health said .
It also had a record number of new cases — 26 ,928 in one day — bringing the total number of infections to 465 ,166 .
The United States , Britain , Italy and France lead the world in coronavirus deaths.
As of Friday Spain had recorded 27 , 121 deaths , with virus fatalities there rapidly slowing . Brazil could soon surpass France , which has seen 28 , 714 deaths.
Brazil is second in the number of confirmed cases , though trailing far behind the United States which has 1. 7 million infections .
Brazil has seen 131 .2 coronavirus deaths per one million people — compared to more than 300 in the United States and 580 in Spain — but the pandemic has yet to peak in the South American country .
“There is no way to foresee ” when the outbreak will peak , the Ministry of Health said , and experts say the number of cases in Brazil could be 15 times higher than the confirmed figure because there has been no widespread testing.

Source punchng

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