Covid-19:Los Angeles restaurants reopen as lockdown eases

Los Angeles restaurants and hair salons were granted permission to reopen immediately Friday , as restrictions were eased despite fears the city has become a coronavirus hotspot .
Restaurants in Los Angeles county — which has suffered more than half of California ’s virus deaths — will be allowed to offer dine -in services with capacity limited to 60 per cent.
Customers will be required to wear face coverings while not eating , must wait for their tables outside the restaurant , and will be screened for symptoms on entry .
Bar areas of restaurants will remain closed .
“This further brings our communities together and resumes a sense of normalcy , representing monumental progress for Los Angeles County on the path toward recovery,” Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Kathryn Barger said .
Densely populated Los Angeles county has suffered more than 50 ,000 confirmed coronavirus cases including 2 ,290 deaths , and has lagged behind most of California in reopening .
But officials say progress has been made on flattening the curve of new cases , and testing and hospital capacity have been boosted .
Earlier this week , all shopping malls , offices and places of worship were granted permission to reopen .
The latest measures were approved by state officials Friday .
Hair salons will also require screening for symptoms on entry , and face coverings for both staff and employees .
Last week , Mayor Eric Garcetti dismissed a Trump administration warning that the city ’s continued lockdown due to coronavirus could be illegal , saying he would not be “pushed by politics. ”
Federal authorities had warned long -term restrictions in the United States ’ second – largest city “may be both arbitrary and unlawful .”

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