UN suspends two employees over viral sex video

The United Nations says it has suspended two workers involved in a recent sex video that went viral .
Spokesperson for UN Secretary -General , Stephane Dujarric , disclosed this in a statement in New York on Thursday .
Dujarric said both employees had been identified and placed on “Administrative Leave Without Pay ” pending the conclusion of an ongoing investigation into the allegation .
The video , which surfaced online last week , shows a couple apparently having sex on the back seat of a UN official car in Tel Aviv , Isreal .
On Friday , Dujarric told correspondents that the organisation was “shocked and deeply disturbed ” by the footage , and that investigation had been launched .
He confirmed that the video featured a 4 × 4 vehicle , containing personnel “likely assigned to the UN Truce Supervision Organisation ” headquartered in Jerusalem .
The short video shows a white woman in a red dress straddling an equally white man in the back seat of the white SUV bearing the “UN ” inscription .
With them in the moving vehicle were the driver and a bald – head man sitting on the passenger side , in front .
Media reports say the footage was recorded on HaYarkon Street , a major thoroughfare in Tel Aviv , Israeli capital .
The UN spokesman said on Thursday that the investigation was being handled by the UN Office of Internal Oversight Services .
He said , “ Two male international staff members , who were in the UN vehicle in Tel Aviv have been identified as having engaged in misconduct , including conduct of sexual nature .
“Given the seriousness of the allegation of failing to observe the standards of conduct expected of international civil servants , the two staff members have been placed on Administrative Leave Without Pay .
“This is pending the results and conclusion of the ongoing OIOS investigation .
“UNTSO has re- engaged in a robust awareness – raising campaign to remind its personnel of their obligations to the UN Code of Conduct .
“The OIOS investigation continues , and we will keep you informed . ”

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