Again, Brazil amends law requiring use of face masks

Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro on Monday made more changes to weaken a law requiring the wearing of face masks in public places in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus .
On Friday , the far -right president had already watered down the bill by vetoing several articles , including ones requiring employers to supply face masks for their staff and another mandating that public authorities should provide face coverings for “economically vulnerable people . ”
Now he has also vetoed articles requiring masks be worn in prisons and another obliging businesses to provide information on how to wear masks properly .
Some states have already made the wearing of masks mandatory , but this was the first such law on a national level .
Since the beginning of the virus outbreak , Bolsonaro has minimized the risks of what he initially called “ a little flu” and flouted social distancing rules and containment measures, such as wearing a mask in public.
Brazil is the second worst-hit country in the world in the pandemic, with almost 65 ,000 deaths and more than 1 .6 million cases .
On Saturday , Bolsonaro published photos on social media in which he is seen without a face mask at a lunch with the US ambassador and several ministers celebrating the US independence day .
Since he was in a private residence he did not break the new law — but that didn ’t spare him an avalanche of criticism on social media for not providing a good example .

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