Yes. I Sleep Inside Danfo (orun ìyà)

great post from my personal person

One Yorùbá Girl

I dunno who owner this cute kid, but yeah, credit goes to her 🌹

That’s how I entered Ajah bus from Sandfield jejely on Tuesday o (if you don’t live on the Island, I dunno how to explain. You sha already know I live in Lagos àbí?)

Back story first.

I got a new job!

Which is why I’ve been inactive lately. Your girl needed an income to support her appetite. I eat a lot, by the way.
And how am I supposed to keep up my shoe game if I don’t earn a living please? So I entered the streets (not really sha, God just blesses me with good friends who think good of me – the blessings of referral 😁) Whew! There’s so much back story.

Moving on, I close from work pretty late, and then whenever I enter bus in the night on that one hour journey…

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